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Sevya Handmade is proud to be a corporate donor for the Arsha Shakti Foundation. Sevya is a Sanskrit word that means “caring through service”, caring for humanity and the environment we live in. Sevya was founded in 2002, and is the brainchild of Swami Dayananda Saraswati, a renown teacher of Vedanta who worked throughout his life to nurture a culture of dharma and caring throughout India. Sevya Handmade and Arsha Shakti are tributaries of the same source, and share a vision of sustainable growth through limitless compassion. 

Sevya Handmade and Arsha Shakti have partnered as instruments for bridging the disparities of access to resources for well-being, by supporting women who uphold the indigenous cultural traditions of sustainability, non-violence, and dharma.  Rooted in the heart and art of caring, these two tributaries flow together to nourish the seeds being planted by wise women across the globe.

Our first project together is the production of responsible merchandise in the form of organic cotton bags, t shirts, and yoga wear made by rural Indian women. Placing the means of production in the hands of women along with the ability to generate and manage their income goes a long way to ensuring their physical and psychological well-being. Over time, they regain self-confidence, which was systematically eroded by oppressive socio-economic practices, and become respected entrepreneurs in their communities. Contrary to widely prevalent myths of strong and independent women causing a breakdown of familial and social structures, we find that their presence in fact contributes to a healthy society based on mutual respect and understanding. 

Be on the lookout in this website for a new section on bags and yoga wear bearing the Arsha Shakti logo. May this be an inspiration for other businesses to soon follow Sevya’s trailblazing example. 

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