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Arsha Shakti Foundation is partnering with Cachar Cancer Hospital and Research Center, located in the outskirts of Silchar town in the Barak Valley of Assam, India. This hospital is a non-profit NGO which provides subsidized cancer care and education for patients and family members. 


A diagnosis of cancer drastically changes the life of the person; not only does it cause physical emaciation but also affects the emotional health and financial situation of that person. With emerging advances in healthcare, cancer is not always a terminal disease, which means that people can survive for long after successful intervention. Many people are able to  resume their normal routine after a cancer treatment, however, we find that resuming their earlier jobs may not be easy for everyone especially for people working in the informal sectors. Women cancer survivors find it additionally difficult to secure a livelihood after cancer treatment. The reasons for this are many, including gender bias, lack of opportunities and lack of suitable jobs in their area. 


As a pilot project Arsha Shakti Foundation plans to counsel and educate cancer survivors in rural India with the goal of preparing them to rejoin the workforce. The aim of this project is to identify young women cancer survivors in North East India and train them in vocational skills which will help them find employment.


As a pilot project, educational and vocational training including computer skills will be provided to 50 young women cancer survivors. Check this space for updates and photos of this project.

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