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Arsha Shakti Foundation is interested in funding a limited number of unique and outstanding projects which support women and girl children in areas that have not been funded before. 

Please note that at this time we do not fund individuals. The foundation prioritizes organizations with impeccable and audited financial records and transparency in operations. We do not fund politicians, political parties, lobbyists and organizations with political or evangelical agenda. If you have questions about your projects eligibility, please contact us. 

We accept applications all year round. Please be advised that to review and respond to your proposals might take up to 4 months.



We prioritize organizations which focus on supporting  women from economically underprivileged, marginalized and indigenous communities. Here are some examples of the areas we would be interested in funding.

1. Arts: Organizations that serve to support and protect women writers, painters, dancers and artists in rural and indigenous communities along with the art forms

2. Spirituality: Organizations which foster and promote women's welfare and leadership in indigenous non-mainstream religious and spiritual traditions. 

3. Education: Organizations that provide financial support to deserving women and girls to pursue education and vocational training programs.

4. Vocation: Organizations that foster programs which support women in non-traditional vocations such as plumbers, drivers, electricians, etc, which aren't traditional vocations for women.

5. Medical welfare: Organizations that promote hygiene, nourishment, healthcare, physical and emotional wellbeing of women and girls in underprivileged, rural areas.

6. Community Wellbeing: Organizations that fund program that foster solidarity among people in the communities they serve. Organizations that serve orphans and elderly women women in underprivileged, rural areas.

7. Environment: Organizations that promote women leaders in the field of environmental conservation.



In addition to filling the application form below, you will need to attach the following documents:

  • 501c3 and certificate of existence if your organization is a non-profit based in the USA

  • Forms 80G and FCRA if the organization is based in India

  • Articles of Incorporation or Trust Deed 

  • Annual Report/ Financial report for the last 2 years

Click here to fill the application form.

We highly encourage you to fill the application form above, however, in the event you are unable to fill the application form online, you can download the application form here.

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