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Empowering Women Leaders Everywhere.

The Sanskrit word “arsha” means belonging to the seers, and the word “shakti” means the sacred power, intention, and knowledge, i.e. the creative force that is manifest as the entire universe. Without shakti, nothing can exist. 

 Arsha Shakti, therefore, is the latent sacred power within all, which is still alive in the world today, thanks to the contribution of ancient sages who knew her secrets. The most obvious manifestation of this is in the prevalence of Goddess worship in ancient and indigenous traditions.

Shakti is power in motion
She is the roaring ocean
Shakti is the cycle of the seasons
Shakti powers the mind
that enables us to reason
It is She who makes the rivers flow
It is She who makes the wind blow 
Shakti is wisdom in action
As the knowledge of oneness 
She blossoms as 
the universal compassionate heart. 


Arsha Shakti and Sevya Handmade are partnering to bridge disparities of access to resources for women's well-being by supporting women leaders who uphold indigenous traditions and cultural values of non-violence, sustainability and dharma, righteous living.

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